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What is WASC?

WASC stands for Western Association of Schools and Colleges. They are an association that accredits schools by going to it, and evaluating whether or not  a school is good enough for it to be accredited.


What is accreditation?


Accreditation is a process that occurs every three to six years where schools are evaluated as providing high-quality learning opportunities to students and demonstrating continual reflection and self-improvement.


An accredited school is focused on a mission and goals for students.  It's primary focus is students and their on-going achievement.  


A team of outside peers including principals, teachers, counselors, and educators trained by WASC will visit Renuevo and determine:

  • it's primary focus is the students and their on-going academic achievement. 

  • it maintains a qualified faculty.

  • it is an effectively organized school,

  • it collaboratively assesses the quality of its educational programs on a regular basis

  • it plans for the future.

WASC Meeting Succesful

We want to thank God for allowing us to go through the WASC accreditation

follow up visit.  Thank you staff, faculty, governing board, parents, and students

for all the support you have shown the school.  We would have not been able to

do it without all of you. Thank you for your involvement and interest with this

process.  We are very excited for what is to come and look forward to what God

has in store for the future of Renuevo Schools.  As soon as we receive the

recommendation for the school we will let you know. In general the visit was very

productive and good. It is a privilege, honor, and a true blessing to be part of this

amazing school. May God continue to bless and sustain Renuevo Schools. With

much gratitude, Mrs. Morales

Renuevo Schools has been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) since 2014!

Our 2020-2021 WASC Visit was a success and we have been granted accreditation until June 2024. Thank you WASC committee, school staff, parents, and students for all your support.  

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