Our Staff

Our team of dedicated teachers and staff work hard to provide your child with the best education and make them feel right at home! Here's a little bit about them. 
Mr. Baldelomar 
Mrs. Morales 
Ms. Cruz 
School Secretary
Veronica Sifuentes

PK & Elementary Teachers

Ms. Lima 

Briggid Lima-Giron is the Preschool – 1st grade Teacher. She has been part of Renuevo school’s staff since 2009. Ms. Lima knew since childhood that she will be teaching and inspiring children. Her passion and dedication to children started since a very young age. Since High School she would volunteer and get involved in elementary schools and daycares. Ms. Lima has always enjoyed being around children. She is always ready to listen to them and attentive to the stories they want to share. One of her favorite quote is “No, I’m not a superhero; I’m something even more powerful… I am a Teacher. I don’t need a cape because I’m lifted up by the amazing and inspiring kids I teach” Ms. Lima obtained a Child Development Associate Teacher Permit from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. She chose to serve at Renuevo School because she wanted to be part of the ministry that serves the community through education.  

Ms. Robleto 

Ms. Robleto joined Renuevo Schools first as a substitute teacher for 4 months during the 2018-2019 school year. She then joined us for the 2019-2020 school year as a permanent teacher.

We enjoy having her as part of the Renuevo Schools Staff and look forward to the years ahead. 

Mrs. Baldelomar 

Mrs. Baldelomar loves working with her students and is grateful to have the opportunity to work at   Renuevo  Schools. She brings compassion and understanding to her classroom.   Students feel comfortable with her and love to learn as she makes learning fun.

Middle & High School Teachers







Ms. Guandique

  Middle/High School


Ms. Guandique is an energetic teacher that loves to teach in very creative ways.  She is a blessing to our school not only for her passion for teaching but for her commitment to the school ministry. She is a good example for our students and a mentor.  She is easy to talk to, sees potential in all her students and tries to point them out on the way to success.







Mr. Baldelomar

  Middle/High School

Pastor/ Teacher

Renuevo Schools is blessed to have Mr. Baldelomar as our pastor and part of the teaching staff.  He is passionate about teaching the Bible and Math.  He is able to relate to students and tries to teach them to live a life of excellence in their personal lives and as students.  He teaches them good moral values based on God's Word and encourages them to be the leaders God wants to use to impact their communities